About us

Lakeside Lodge Armidale is built of mud brick and timber and so blends into the surrounding landscape.  The mud bricks were all made on site from soil located on the property.  The buildings have been built in several stages commencing in 1984.   Mud bricks are great insulation and so the house is warm in winter and cool in summer.  The house is north facing and so is passive solar design which also keeps it at an even temperature throughout the year.

The house is fully solar powered – it has never been connected to the grid.

The property is 37 acres and has been left as natural bushland.  The property is part of the Wildlife corridors program which means it is safe for bush animals to pass through.  There is a lot of bird life, including water birds such as white faced herons and wild ducks that are attracted by the lake.  Kangaroos are in abundance and it is usual that the kangaroos come down to the lake every evening at about the time one can relax on the verandah and have a glass of wine or whatever your choice of beverage.

Other animals that can be found on the property are echidnas, koala, possums, and a range of lizards.

If you care to go bush walking on the property and are very quiet you might be lucky enough to see a range of animals.

Being out of the city lights there is superb night sky viewing for those who are interested in locating the stars.

There is an organic orchard and vegetable garden as well as chickens providing farm fresh eggs.

If you wish to relax indoors in the evening, there is an extensive range of DVDs from which to choose.